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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Logo Design Tips

Your logo is what customers look to when they remember you or identify your business. A business that doesn’t even have a logo is not yet a business in many people’s eyes. That’s why you have to get a logo first!

Here are some tips to help you get that eye catching logo:

1. Choose a style that fits your business’s personality. Remember, your logo is not just a mark – it reflects a business’s brand through the use of shape, fonts, color, and images. Your logo is for inspiring trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product and it creates an identity that speaks for your company.

2. Make your logo work anywhere. Your logo must be describable, memorable, effective without color, and be scalable (effective when just an inch in size).

3. Don’t… be too complex. An intricate logo will lose detail when scaled to a smaller size.

Don’t… use stock images. You may run the risk of using the same art as another business. Be original.

Don’t… have your logo designed by an amateur. If your logo looks unprofessional, then so will your business.